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The Spiritual Top 50

by Wes Moore

The Spiritul Top 50 Wes Moore

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Is God a she? Why does God let us suffer? Was the Jesus story borrowed from other cultures? The questions about spiritual things abound in our skeptical age. How can we answer those who have been raised to doubt everything about the faith we hold dear? 


The Spiritual Top 50 provides short, easy to understand answers to 50 common questions asked in the culture about God, Jesus, the Bible, truth, science, and the church. It also provides contemporary evangelism strategies that will teach you how to befriend the lost, understand their issues and objections, give answers, and present the gospel.


And if that's not enough, The Spiritual Top 50 outlines Wes' "7 Laws of Apologetics" and "7 Laws of Evangelism," two lists of foundational principles to guide you as you engage the lost. Why wait? Make The Spiritual Top 50 part of your outreach toolbox today! 

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Unique Features
  • Addresses 50 of the most common objections to Christianity

  • Includes a chapter on relationship evangelism techniques

  • Includes an overview of apologetics (the process of defending your faith)

  • Each answer is just a single page in length, no exceptions

  • Lists and explains the "7 Laws of Apologetics" & "7 Laws of Evangelism" to assist believers in defending and sharing their faith

  • Written in everyday, easy-to-understand language 

Enjoy the (Free) Samples
The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri
Free Text Chapter

Read the Table of Contents and a sample chapter for! (written by the author, Wes Moore...obviously!)

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