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The Maker: Rise of the Retiarii

by Wes Moore


Adrien Bach is a shattered and desperate man. As a field archaeologist for the Global Community of Nations (G-CoN) in the year 2332 AD, his job is to dig up certain truths, and bury others. But the agony of a recent tragedy, one for which he blames himself, and a curious find in the desert that was Middle America cause him to wonder about all he has believed in the past, the value of his disintegrating life, and the course of his eternal future.



Join Adrien as he battles the power of G-CoN, the shackles of scientific dogma, and the pull of inner darkness to discover the one truth that transcends them all, the only truth that can save him.

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Unique Features
Unique Features
  • God honoring: Integrates Bible truths and ideas into the story itself

  • Clean: No language, drugs, or sex

  • Clearly discusses God, Christ, and the Bible but never actually uses those words (to help unbelievers see these truths afresh)

  • Takes on the theory of evolution through the characters and dialogue of the story

  • Perfect gift for believers and unbelievers alike, from teen to adult

  • Just over 200 pages; a quick read

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The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri
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Read the Prologue and first chapter for! (written by the author, Wes Moore...obviously!)

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What People are Saying (well, writing)
Samantha T.,
South Carolina

The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri is a fast-paced futuristic story that keeps you on your toes throughout the entire read! Once started, it was hard to put down. I highly recommend it! Fabulous book!"

Sarah C., 

"If you like futuristic stories, then this book is for you! This book will challenge your thinking of the world in the years to come. But God has promised that His Word never fails. His Word will always prevail!"

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