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Saving the Traditional
Southern Baptist Church

by Wes Moore

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For anyone who has pastored a traditional Southern Baptist (SBC) church or been a member of one for any length of time, you do not need a list of dire statistics paraded before you to know the state of these churches. All you need to do is open your eyes and note what you see. They are old; they are dysfunctional; they are ineffective. And they are dying.


Traditional SBC churches are not failing because of what the typical SBC leader will tell you. They are dying because they no longer serve the God of the Bible—they serve an idol.


The purpose of this book is to bring to light the true situation facing these churches, the biblical cause for their condition, and the cure for their dilemma prescribed by the Word of the biblical God himself.


If you desire to see your traditional SBC church rise out of the ashes of death and decay, this book is for you. 

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Unique Features
Unique Features
  • Addresses key reasons for decline that many are afraid to address, like the conduct of seniors and idolatry

  • Hard hitting but accurate language regarding the actual condition of these churches and the culprits for their decline

  • Takes on the power structure of the SBC in general, outlining leadership failures at all levels

  • Gives a thorough review of the biblical solution to each cause of decline listed

  • Contains study questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate group study on the content

  • Provides hope to struggling churches and provides a blueprint for revival that begins with repentance and renewed obedience

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The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri
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