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Saving the American Church

by Wes Moore

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Your church is dying, and you're overwhelmed with a single question: "What do we do now?" In this volume, Wes Moore lays out 20 hard-hitting, biblical keys to give concerned believers the tools they need to rebuild their churches, not in the image of American mass-market spirituality, but in the image of the first century, New Testament church.


In this volume, you'll learn how to return the Word to a central place in the church, demolish the idol of politics, make a mass exodus from public education, return godliness to the pulpit, and much more! Saving the American Church can help you turn things around in your church today! 

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Unique Features
Unique Features
  • Deals with important topics most consultants turn away from, like public education, godlessness in the pulpits, and widespread compromise 

  • Reveals the true condition of American churches across denominations

  • Covers every facet of the church, from pastors and congregations to families and fathers

  • Focuses on Biblical requirements for church life and practice, not political correctness or popularity

  • Gives hope for a return to effectiveness and fruitfulness through repentance and renewed obedience

  • Short, compact chapters; a quick read at just 167 pages

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The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri
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