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Georgia Election Law, Part 2: What can we learn?

Part 1 of this post series dealt with the actual contents of Georgia's Election Integrity Act of 2021. That post showed the reasonable nature of Georgia's election changes and the unreasonableness of the criticisms laid against it. In the end, when you actually read the law, there is nothing in it that is prejudicial or restrictive in terms of an individual citizen's access to the voting process.

Lessons from the Response

So, what can we learn from this situation? What lessons can we draw from the response of the liberal, godless media about this fair and reasonable law? Let me point out three.

First, don't let the world tell you the facts. Almost instantly, the masses began to claim that this law contained all sorts of racially-motivated restrictions on voting, but these claims were patently untrue. If you trusted the reports flying around the internet, you were led astray from the very beginning.

Let this be a lesson to you--you can't trust what you hear in the media, whether that comes from Facebook, Twitter, CNN, or even Fox News. These sources are not driven by biblical integrity or wisdom. They will run with the "facts" they are given without regard to the truth of those facts or the consequences of them being wrong.

Media today is a wild, deranged, rabid animal. They are driven by agenda, profit, and power. You must therefore stop seeing them as "news" organizations and begin to see them as propaganda machines. When you make this correction in your thinking, you will be much harder to manipulate.

Second, the world lies to serve its own ends. As I noted in the previous post, there are no grounds for the charges made against this law. They are completely fabricated. One must ask himself, then, how could intelligent people get this so wrong? They got it wrong because they wanted to.

As a Christian, you must face the biblical truth that all world systems are controlled by Satan, the father of lies (John 8:44). The godless men and women of the world have distanced themselves from the God of the Bible and have opened themselves up to Satan's influence, a reality that can only lead to lies.

Almost every media outlet that exists believes its agenda is more important than the truth. Reducing "climate change" is more important than sticking to the facts; promoting "racial justice" takes precedence over treating others fairly; and preserving a way to win elections through fraud is more important than telling the truth about Georgia's election law.

And, finally, you must always read the source for yourself. Proverbs 18:13 says, "He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him." The Bible warns us regarding drawing conclusions about things we have not investigated ourselves. When a man gives an opinion or makes a decision without personally looking into that issue (answers a matter before he hears it), he often ends up looking like a fool and embarrassing himself in the process (folly and shame to him).

The reaction to Georgia's recent election law changes by famous organizations, like Major League Baseball, and famous people, like Will Smith, is an excellent example of this. It would not surprise me if neither of them actually read the law themselves. And, in so doing, their reactions made them look like fools to those who have read the law and brought shame upon themselves for acting in such an unwise fashion.

This rule--to read the source yourself--applies to everything you hear in the world. If someone is bashing the Constitution, read the Constitution to see if their claim is correct, not an article about the Constitution. If someone says the Bible says so-and-so, open up the Word and read that statement with your own eyes. When you do this, you will find that most everything people pass around as "truth" today is based on lies. And why do we fall for it? Because we don't read the source ourselves.

Will you respond to tomorrow's lies differently?

So, what will it be next? Do not be deceived--the lies will continue. But you don't have to fall for their lies anymore. The lessons outlined in this post can make sure you don't.

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