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God's Purpose in Creation

by Wes Moore

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Christians and non-Christians alike have deep questions about God. Their belief that he is good and all-powerful do not mesh with what they see in the world: sin, suffering, and death. They also struggle to reconcile his goodness and power with the Bible’s teachings regarding the fall of man and eternal judgment in hell. How could a good and powerful God allow all of this?


The core problem is with what man believes about God’s purpose in creating the world. In God’s Purpose in Creation, the reader will learn the true reason God made the world and the implications of that truth on the fall, suffering, hell, and redemption. When seen in the light of God’s true plan for the universe, far from creating doubt about God, these questions provide a more complete insight into his glory than ever before. 

Unique Features
  • Takes a deeper-dive into the questions of death, suffering, sin, and the fall of man

  • Avoids the cliché and shallow answers of most theologians

  • Presents the topic from a biblical, as opposed to philosophical, point of view

  • Treats the accounts of Genesis 1-3 as literal history, as opposed to allegory or mythology

  • Stays true to the Bible's teachings of eternal punishment for the wicked

  • Deals with complex subjects very succinctly, only 112 pages total

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