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Hatred of the rich. Price controls. “Living wages.” Stimulus plans. Government debt.


The destructive forces of socialism are taking hold all over America, and it seems their influence cannot be stopped. Ticking away in the background is an economic timebomb that could make America a Third World nation in a matter of months—the national debt. 


This book is an attempt to turn back this dark economic tide by educating the average Christian regarding the socialist ideas sweeping through the nation. Collapse will not only address sound economic principles related to these issues but also the Bible’s perspective on them. In so doing, the ultimate reason for our present economic condition, and potential future catastrophe, will be revealed—the righteous judgment of God. Get your copy today.

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Unique Features
  • Touches on the most common socialist ideas discussed in America today

  • Explains the teachings of God's Word relative to economic questions like profit, wealth, social programs, stimulus plans, and debt

  • Uses everyday language to explain economic concepts

  • Clearly explains debt level of the American government and the future consequences of that debt

  • Provides a plan for paying off the national debt and becoming a nation that saves

  • Perfect for group study! Each chapter ends with group discussion questions (group study videos/leader guides available below)

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The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri
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What People are Saying (well, writing)
Mike Riddle, Creation Ministries Initiative

I highly recommend this book to all Christians. Wes does an excellent job of tackling a difficult and controversial topic by making it easy to understand. His comparisons of capitalism and socialism are eye-opening and educational. The book is full of practical illustrations to help better understand America’s economy and how we got into our presentation situation of an enormous national debt. 

James H., Pastor

Wes Moore has provided the church a much-needed expose of the near future of the American economy. He takes complicated economic information and makes it amazingly easy to understand. I hope the American church will hear and heed this message. I recommend every Christian leader read this book. 

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