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Basic Bible Christianity

by Wes Moore


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Is the Christianity you believe in the real Christianity? What about your children or youth group? Is the Jesus you believe in the real Jesus? And about your Sunday school class--do they know the real Jesus? How can you be sure that those you care about actually believe what the Bible says?


Basic Bible Christianity explains 12 of the most important truths of Christianity based, not on the rules of political-correctness, the teachings of big denominations, or the opinions of best-selling authors, but on the words of the Bible itself. And it does all of this in a way the average person can easily understand. No big words. No complicated ideas. Just everyday truth in everyday language.


What do you want to know more about? Odds are, it's right here in Basic Bible Christianity! Begin your journey of learning today! 

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Unique Features
Unique Features
  • Uses everyday language to explain complex Bible ideas

  • Covers everything a new believer, young believer, or seeker needs to know to understand the Bible's key teachings

  • Covers deeper subjects like suffering, sex, Bible translations, Judgment Day, and hell

  • Includes brief articles that address key questions and issues, like marijuana, gambling, and transgenders

  • Loaded with illustrations and tables to help explain key chapter content

  • Perfect for group study! Each chapter ends with group discussion questions

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Basics - Chapter 1Wes Moore
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The Maker: Rise of the Retiarri
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What People are Saying (well, writing)
Mike Riddle, Creation Ministries Initiative

I recommend this book. It should be used in all churches as a Sunday school class, Bible study course, or for personal study time. It gives the essentials all Christians should know and understand. It also helps clear up myths, questions and confusion many believers might have about the Bible such as heaven, hell, end times, spiritual warfare, and angels.

Ollie P., South Carolina

"I found a wonderful soft cover book that can help people find salvation, and also learn how to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Please consider reading Basic Bible Christianity by Wes Moore."

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