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Christian author of powerful fiction and non-fiction titles focused on faith, hope, & redemption.


Author of Collapse, Basic Bible Christianity & The Maker.

Wes Moore

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Collapse reveals what every Christian needs to know about socialism, capitalism, and the future of America.


Basic Bible Christianity covers 12 essential truths of the Christian faith in short, easy-to-understand chapters.


The Maker: Rise of the Retiarii is a futuristic novel about a suicidal archaeologist who makes a discovery that changes him forever.

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Saving the American Church discusses 20 biblical keys to renewing the power and effectiveness of American churches.

"Once I started The Maker, it was hard to put it down. I highly recommend it! Fabulous book!"

Samantha T., Disciple


"I found a wonderful soft cover book that can help people find salvation, and also learn how to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Please consider reading Basic Bible Christianity by Wes Moore." 

Ollie P., Pastor

"Wes Moore has provided the church a much-needed expose of the near future of the American economy. .I recommend every Christian leader read Collapse."

James H., Pastor